Jillian Webster
Living from the Heart


I had a wonderful session with Jillian not long ago where I was taken on a journey to heal my past wounds. The session was not only enlightening but powerfully healing. She held me in a beautiful space where I faced trauma that I had not dealt with. Her voice and compassionate channellings are incredibly soothing and loving. I felt safe and secure while I revisited the past. I would definitely recommend her for inner child and transformational healing sessions. She has an ability to connect with you intuitively, without judgement. Since I faced those parts of my childhood I am able to forgive a teacher for bullying and abusing me. It's taken me years to be able to do that. Now I am free from trauma and I can move forward.

Susie Clouston

Jillian is a beautiful soul who offered me support after my struggle to heal from an operation. With her help and truly wonderful compassion I was able to identify a number of areas in which I was holding onto anger and frustration. This in fact resulted in me healing some past wounds and regrets with my late father. It was powerful. It was insightful and it was heart warming. I cant thank Jillian enough for her warmth, her sincerity and just her. We spoke about about having life experience and how this helps to relate to people and how in turn people relate to you if you have had a similar experience. Talking to someone who has real understanding of where you are at hugely helps in the healing process.

Elaine Bain

Thank you for another astounding healing yesterday. I am so used to a different style of healing where on a relaxing bed I go deep and do not speak. With you I sit and speak in what seems a shallower place and yet I have such deep, profound, experiences. Weird, strange, beautiful, very, very beautiful. Like all good healers you will protest you are merely the conduit, but you should know that every healer brings a different "colour" to the healing which brings a different sensory experience for the participant. In this case I think I just had a Michelin 3 star experience. Bless you in all humility by return from me.


Jillian having a session with you is potent and magical! Thank you for all that you bring to the world.


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