Join me on a journey of creative SELF-EXPRESSION

Where following the nudges of your heart become the norm. You will be encouraged to show up, stand up and become more in tune with your true authentic nature. LOVE is your compass that guides you through the choppy waters to help you reach your fullest potential.

I assist women and men on their journey of SOUL EXPANSION to open up to who they truly are. Express their passion and live a balanced and fulfilling life. My work is infused with Coaching, Energy Re-Alignment Sessions & Light Code Activations to help you increase your self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-belief and spring board you into action to become the greatest version of YOU.

Jillian x


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Please get in touch via e mail to book a session or to make an enquiry.

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I offer a soul expansion and mentorship programme infused with Coaching, Energy Re-Alignment Sessions & Light Code Activations.



There are no workshops scheduled at present. Please check back for updates



Sharing wit, wisdom and antidotes to assist you on your spiritual journey. Includes some of my earlier blog archives.

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